The Northern Virginia Intergroup (NVI) is maintained by the groups in the Northern Virginia Area. Each group is asked to elect an Intergroup Representative (IGR). The IGRs help make up the NVI Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for decisions regarding the Northern Virginia Intergroup (NVI).

As Trusted Servants, Intergroup Representatives (IGRs) should:

  • Attend the NVI Board of Directorsí meeting the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm.
  • Bring any questions or requests from the group to the Board meeting.
  • Inform NVI office manager of group contacts for 12th step list.
  • Inform NVI office manager of a person to contact if a question rises concerning the Group, such as the listing in the Where & When.
  • Be familiar with NVI functions to answer questions the group may have regarding NVI.
  • Understand what is occurring at the Board meeting and vote on issues as your group conscience directs.
  • Inform your group of the necessity of making contributions to Northern Virginia Intergroup.
  • Encourage group members to get involved with Northern Virginia Intergroup.
  • Report regularly to group of actions and decisions taking place at NVI Board meeting.
  • Remember you are the voice for your group.
  • Inform NVI of group requests and inform the group of NVI requests.